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The Design Process

Designing and remodeling your home is an exciting time. Our job at McNish Building and Development (MBD) is to make this a seamless process in which you are just as pleased about the process as you are the end project. To that end, below is an outline of the typical design process and steps we take to ensure you are completely satisfied. This 7 step process is not only integral to the project but through its simplification it also creates the opportunity to have an enjoyable experience.

7 Step MBD Design Process

1) An initial telephone interview to determine the customer’s needs and preliminary parameters followed by a site visit

2) Pre-project budget discussion 

3) Second meeting to discuss the initial proposal and project scope

4) After coming to a conclusion on the budget and project specs, MBD will send over a final agreement with a detailed project scope and schedule.

5) Initial check in times will be included in the project schedule where the client will have an opportunity to discuss the project, any concerns and/or modifications

6) Mid-way through the project a formal meeting will be set up to discuss the project

7) Final walk-through and post-construction meeting will conclude the project